Friday, October 29, 2010

Detailed P90X review - Lets get the facts without the Hype

I have been reading a number of reviews regarding P90X, One thing that is very evident is that almost every single positive review of the product is done by someone who just so happens to sell the product also. Guess you have to question the credibility of the reviewer.

P90X is not a bad product but it certainly not worth all the hype that it has created, mainly due to affiliate marketers jumping on the bandwagon. I can assure you that 80% of the positive reviews are from people who probably have never even seen or tried P90X and their only motivation to write reviews is purely to generate sales on P90X and earn their commission. Personally I found that P90X has many shortfalls, the workout routine is a grueling workout which will under most circumstances produce results. The guys from P90X have not considered a few VITAL components. The target market is generally people who are out of shape. Now from my extensive health and fitness experience I know that people who are out of shape need to be eased into a training routine and they need to slowly feel and see the benefits of their training, the key reason here is so that they motivate themselves to push harder. NOBODY can be better motivation for you than YOURSELF. P90X does not do this, instead they expect the person to go through an extreme lifestyle change and throw them into the deep end immediately. This approach might help people who are already training but to get couch potatoes to do this is not the way to get results.

P90X will get them to probably stop their training and after a few days or so. As they will probably throw in the towel because if they are doing such extreme workout routines and drastic changes in diet, they expect extreme results. When they notice that results are minor then most will just become despondent again. P90X does not equip their customers with self motivational techniques instead they adopt the drill Sergent approach. This creates a training environment that one can not really enjoy. If you don't enjoy P90X then how are you going to sustain this sort of workout routine?

P90X is also overpriced and if you look at all the requirements you can easily end up spending around $300. They have P90X supplements and P90X equipment and I wont be surprised if they start and exclusive P90X membership club.

So what are the alternatives to P90X? Well I personally use Matt Furey's training programs. I use the combat conditioning program and I have never experienced faster, overall results from any other program before. Combat Conditioning does not require any supplements nor does it require any equipment. It's a complete core muscle training program that anyone can use and get exceptional results. P90X does not even come close to this

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Truth About The P90X Workout

We have all heard about this "revolutionary" workout system (The P90X Workout) that claims to produce lightning fast results. Like many weight-loss programs this product is surrounded by a huge amount of hype, the weight-loss industry thrives on hype marketing to stimulate emotional triggers in people which often converts to sales. These emotional triggers can be set off easily in people who are out of shape or people with low self esteem due to their physical condition.

Before we clear up the hype and get to the crux of the P90X workout system. I should mention that I have an extensive background in the health and fitness industry and have been involved in the industry directly and also from a research capacity, for more than 15 years now. 

Over the years as I got older my training styles also changed, I went from hardcore bodybuilding in my younger years to more effective body weight resistance training and core muscle training instead as this complemented my martial arts training as well. Will elaborate on my current weight-loss / fitness / muscle building training methods a little later. Lets get back to the P90X workout review, I borrowed the entire P90X workout DVD collection from a friend off mine purely for the purpose of this review.

I should also mention that there is a lot confusion about the name of this product and many people are trying to capitalize on variations of the product name. I have seen the PX90 Workout, the P90 workout, the X90P workout, the XP90 workout and a host of other variations. As far as I know the official product name is The P90X Extreme Home Fitness program. The name is probably one of my biggest issues with this program, let me explain, The P90X workout claims to be a "home fitness program" but if you take a look at the amount of suggested equipment and training aids your require it almost defeats the entire point of training at home. You would need to spend a small fortune buying the P90X workout program, the P90X recommended equipment and let's not forget the P90X recommended supplements. I have no doubt that this program does produce results. The problem is that even though the workout routines are effective enough to produce results it seems to me that they also try to "milk" you for as much money as possible during your training. People who are determined enough to see results by following the program diligently will be so excited about their results that they wouldn't think twice about buy another P90X supplement or piece P90X equipment. 

The bottom line is that there are far more effective, faster and cheaper ways to get into shape. I have been a long time fan of Matt Furey and his combat conditioning course along with his other courses. Matt Furey training methods challenged my knowledge of what I thought I knew about training. He opened up a whole new dimension of physical fitness, strength and weight-loss that I never knew existed. The combat conditioning program focuses on core muscle development, functional strength. This has an all round effective on your body from rejuvenating the bodies internal organs too sky rocketing your bodies metabolism. The best past of Matt Furey's combat conditioning program is that  you DON'T need any equipment or any supplements. You can train anywhere, from your bedroom, the office or even your hotel room. The results are fast and permanent, once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of combat conditioning it will a become part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. You can get a fully body workout at a very advanced level for about 30mins of training. 

In conclusion, the P90X workout program does give you results but it doesn't even come close to  Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning. The P90X workout falls short in a number of areas and is definitely not the most effective way to get into shape.

The final verdict is:

The P90X workout - 4/10 Rating

Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey - 9/10 Rating  
I'm taking away 1 point ONLY because there are no pictures of women in the entire Combat Conditioning Program. --  *Matt, if you ever read this, thats a fail buddy :) 

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